The Original Grillpad Deluxe Original Grill Pad

The ÔÇťOriginal” Grill Pad goes DELUXE!! Diversitech has just released their new deluxe grill pad. The GP-84 is made of the same flexible fiber cement as our other products. It protects against grease, stains, and sparks, but on a bigger scale. The patented components are easily assembled and provides a blanket of coverage for those larger grills and smokers, extending beyond the burner box and side burners! When assembled, the DELUXE Grill Pad measures 30″ x 84″. If that’s too large, you can easily remove the center insert to produce a 30″ x 72″ protective blanket for your deck, dock, pool or patio surface. The DELUXE Grill Pad is an excellent addition to your current on-line offering and a great addition to your bottom line! Features: -Fully assembled dimensions:30″ x 84″ -Dimensions with center component removed: 30″ x 72″

Manufacturer: The Original Grillpad

Price: $105.00 $84.99

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